Environmentally disposable

Environmentally disposable in everyday life

Environmentally disposable

At Eco care, you find ecologically disposable (eco friendly – zero waste solutions) to reduce or even better get rid of plastic in your daily habits.

Eco-consciousness can be the main goal and adopting eco-friendly practices on a personal level can become a lifestyle.

Environmentally disposable for daily use

We must move in our daily life with due attention to the environment. The choices we make for our purchases and the use of products, inside and outside the home, should be made with an ecological conscience. Biodegradable Eco care products are helping these movements.

What is biodegradation?

Biodegradation is a property of materials related to their biological environment. There, depending on the conditions, it is possible for them to decompose completely and leave no trace of environmental contamination. Biodegradable materials can be dissolved by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) in water, by carbon dioxide (CO2) and by some bio-materials. There are such products that you can buy and use at any time of the day. Let’s look at some of them.

Surely at some point you have noticed that some products carry the title “Biodegradable product“. With this we are assured that it is an ecologically biodegradable product and that its waste will be used to be reused and made into a new product.

Biodegradable items in everyday life

It is not necessary to go far to look for biodegradable products, the things we use every day have this ability: laundry soap, garbage bags, diapers, toilet paper, boxes, etc. all these products possibly have the quality of being biodegradable. They can be made of paper, wood, leather, wool, etc.

We practically move between biodegradable products, which shows that a lot of effort has been put into developing products with environmentally friendly characteristics. It is worth highlighting the bioplastics that effectively replace the common plastic, they are polymers of natural origin that are degraded by microorganisms, fungi, etc., being a good option for replacing the non-biodegradable plastic element par excellence. Used in medicine, for prosthetics, sutures, also in disposable containers and biodegradable bags.

Biodegradable household items

Some of the biodegradable products, you already use them every day without knowing it. Food scraps, coffee grounds, junk papers, napkins, newspapers and more are some of them. But apart from these, there are other products on the market that are biodegradable. For example, you can now find biodegradable dish and laundry detergent, cleaners for glass and other surfaces, baby diapers, garbage bags and eating utensils on the shelves of super markets.

Sugarcane products – Why choose them?

• They are biodegradable: Sugarcane items are biodegradable and do not burden the planet, as is the case with plastics.
• They are safe: Since sugarcane items are ecological, they do not contain any toxic substances, so they are safe for adults as well as children.

Eco-friendly disposable – made from sugarcane

Sugarcane tableware

Choose cane tableware in your everyday life and change your way of thinking while at the same time protecting the environment by using everyday items made from eco-friendly materials.

Using a sugar cane food container is also a very good opportunity for children to acquire ecological awareness from an early age, using objects made from environmentally friendly materials.

•❯ Do good – Feel good everyday!

Ecological party supplies

Eco party – no more plastics, yes to biodegradables

Ecological party supplies

Are you celebratring;

Organize the most unforgettable eco birthday or name day party, guilt-free towards the environment, using eco-friendly party supplies.

Party with an ecological character

The easy solution for children’s parties is plastic or paper plates and glasses in happy designs and colors. Unfortunately, there have been serious indications that such products contain high levels of toxins, which have proven to be dangerous for health. Choose the most hygienic and ecological solution.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about washing dishes, about accidents with broken plates / glasses, but also about the huge volume of garbage. Eco care natural items are fully biodegradable as they are made from natural materials and in 45-90 days they will have become compost in the composter or landfill provided the appropriate moisture conditions are met.

Party hard without balloons

Obviously, we are all used to seeing colorful balloons in celebrations that make up imaginative decorations and star in the posts of pleasant events on social media. But parties can have other decorations. Paper garlands and ribbons as well as simple constructions of your own inspiration can be worthy substitutes for balloons. As much as their image pleases us, they are made of non-recyclable plastic, while if they have sun and leave our hands they don’t end up forever in the sky, but fall and pollute the oceans.

Ecological party supplies

Eco care comes to make your life a lot easier, by offering you biodegradable, ecological products, which do not need recycling or wasting time and energy for washing them, since they decompose within a reasonable period of time. You just throw them in the bin. Easy enough? Now all you have to do is really enjoy your eco party.

Ecological party – with Eco care products

Why choose Eco care ecological items for parties?

Eco care ecological catering items are the ideal solution for children’s parties in an open or closed space!

They are durable and inflexible. They withstand low and high temperatures and are therefore suitable for use in freezers and ovens.

Eco party with sugarcane products

• Made from 100% sugarcane fibers = No ecological impact.
• Resistant to microwaves (900 watts) – Up to 3′.
• They are resistant to hot food/liquid.
• They are impermeable to cooking oil.
• Can withstand water temperature of -100℃.

Find everything you need to be fully prepared so that your eco party is a complete success. Glasses, plates, cutlery, bowls, straws, etc., in various sizes with one click here, can be yours, to fully cover the catering needs of your eco-party, with natural, high-quality disposable catering items.

•❯ Make a difference too!

sugarcane products

Sugarcane – What is it? – Why is it a good raw material?

What is sugarcane?

Did you know?

Sugarcane first appeared and was cultivated in the South Pacific Islands and is considered by many to be native to the island of New Guinea.

What exactly is bagasse;

Bagasse is the residual fibrous material left over from sugar production after sugar cane has been pressed. (See the relevant article on our blog for more details on bagasse)

From the sugarcane plant to sugarcane products

Sugarcane belongs to the grass family and grows in the tropical and subtropical climate zones of our earth. The plants are about 3-6m tall and their stems are 2-4.5cm in diameter. Inside their stems, there is also the peculiarity of the plant: sugar.

To produce sugar, sugar cane plants are harvested, collected and then pressed to process the juice obtained into sugar or cane juice.

100 tons of sugarcane produce about 10 tons of sugar and a total of 34 tons, for us valuable bagasse.

But instead of burning the “waste product”, at Eco care, we upgrade the material and produce biodegradable products from sugarcane, mainly environmentally friendly single-use tableware.

προϊόντα από ζαχαροκάλαμο
Sugarcane – very good raw material

Production of products from bagasse

The remaining cane fibers are stored wet to remove the core fibers and residual sugar, as these may hinder further processing. Bagasse is mixed with water until a slurry is formed. Biodegradable bleaches are then added. The bagasse mass is poured into a mold and given the desired shape using pressure and high temperatures.

Biodegradable sugarcane products

At Eco care we offer complete solutions from ecological consumables. Sugar cane is a good raw material, so we create biodegradable products from sugar cane with respect for the environment and the basic principles of sustainable development.

We offer a wide range of products from ecological biodegradable single-use packaging made from sugar cane and we offer you plastic free solutions for your everyday life. Eco-friendly cane packaging is not only safe for the environment but also for health.

•❯ By choosing sugarcane products and packaging, you are consciously choosing to reduce single-use plastic solutions.

packaging from natural materials

We not only protect the environment, but also upgrade the aesthetics of our business

Packaging from natural materials

At Eco care, respecting the needs of every business and the environment in general, we create ecological, biodegradable packaging from natural materials such as sugar cane. All cane utensils are suitable for direct contact with food and certified for composting, according to EN13432 (European composting standard).

An ideal solution to the ecological requirements of every business

In a variety of sizes. Easy to use, durable and absolutely suitable for contact with food, they upgrade the aesthetics of your business, in an ecological way.

Environmental awareness of consumers

Nowadays, more and more consumers are checking the packaging of their meals and looking for stronger packaging made from natural materials. By extension, businesses that adopt similar practices differentiate themselves in the eyes and minds of customers, who prefer them again and again. With the highly environmentally friendly, complete Eco care packaging solutions you will pleasantly surprise your customers and visitors.

Ecological business needs

Responding to your ecological needs, we present you with the ideal solution for your business if you are looking for practical solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and promote the circular economy. All this combining high aesthetics, functionality and of course the hygiene and safety that every modern person and business is looking for.

Catering-delivery-take away catering items

Eco care biodegradable sugar cane products are highly reinforced, waterproof and microwave safe. Can be used in a freezer / refrigerator, for reheating in a microwave oven (900 watts ⇾ Up to 3′) and at a water temperature ⇾ 45℃.

Eco care natural material packaging follows all the protocols related to environmental protection and sustainable development, while carrying FSC, BSCI, ISO 22000 certifications.

See and choose the ideal disposable product solutions for you and your business from 100% natural materials in: food containers, glasses, plates, knives, forks, spoons & straws.

Why choose packaging made from natural Eco care materials?

• The functional design, excellent performance and durability of our product solutions are combined with high aesthetics and your goals for sustainable development.
• Manufactured in many different options to meet the unique shape and size needs of your business.
• The 100% natural packaging materials ensure that there is no risk of contamination or spoilage of the food or drink in contact with the packaging.
• By choosing them, you show your practical interest in protecting the environment, which is not limited only to the ingredients of the food or drink, but also to their packaging.
• All Eco care product solutions are subject to independent controls to ensure maximum product safety

•❯ For any clarification or question you have about packaging made from natural materials and how to increase hygiene levels in your premises, contact a specialist Eco care consultant, through our contact form.

biodegradable glass

No, the taste of the coffee in the biodegradable cup does not change

Disposable items are not sustainable

Sustainability can mean many different things, but by no means does it mean using something once and throwing it away. There will always be an environmental cost to this. The pandemic may have helped a setback in the use of plastics, however, Greece has decided to leave them behind and move into a new “green era”.

Garbage bags, water bottles, food tins, coffee cups, pens, shampoo. Almost everything we use until now contains plastic.

And where does all that plastic go?

In the seas and then on our plate… Plastic kills marine animals, negatively affects marine ecosystems and thus enters the food chain.

The plastic cup ends up in the sea and then on our plate

We change habits today

Replacing plastics with biodegradable ones is possible, as the range that now exists is capable of replacing even the most ‘special’ plastic.

Choose a biodegradable glass for your coffee

To the question “Does the taste of the coffee in the biodegradable cup change?” the answer is No – any other!

Why Eco care biodegradable glass?

Because it has resistance to hot and cold drinks, because it does not change the taste of the coffee and it is very durable. At the same time, it is made of sugarcane and is therefore the most ideal natural solution. Biodegradable Eco care glasses do not pollute the environment, nor do they leave microorganisms in the soil, which disrupt the ecological chain. By using our biodegradable cups, you can enjoy your coffee every day guilt-free.

It is not too late to solve the problem

Our lives can only be affected for the better if we reduce the use of plastics. According to research, the large use of plastic in our everyday life burdens us, apart from the environment, and our health. When, for example, we choose to pack food or “store” drinks in containers made of natural material (such as sugarcane), as opposed to a plastic one, the taste is much superior.

Try the Eco care biodegradable glasses and you will see for yourself.

> Keep it GREEN <

#thinkeco | #changehabits | #ecocare

Donoussa, the first Aegean island without single-use plastics

Donoussa, the first Aegean island without single-use plastics

A plastic bag is used for about 15 minutes and pollutes the planet for over 400 years! The extent of plastic pollution and their uncontrolled use in everyday life required immediate mobilization to drastically reduce their impact on the marine environment and human health. Greece, from July 2021 through the bill of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, seeks to live without plastics.

Items such as: plastic cutlery, plates, straws, etc. are removed, which are replaced by alternative products, such as biodegradable cups and disposable plates.

The “model island”

Donoussa, the northern island of the Small Cyclades, has become a model island, without plastics, completely environmentally friendly.

The local authorities, in collaboration with the Athanasiou K. Laskaridis Foundation, prioritized the reduction of marine pollution and the protection of the environment. A project, which was embraced by the 160 residents and was made within the framework of the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS program, under the auspices of the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades, with the support of the Municipal Community of Donoussa

As Logothetis Kovaios, president of the Association of Professionals on the island, reports to APE-MBE, the professionals of Donoussa committed to working in their shops without plastics. “Where we don’t provide a plastic cup we will have a biodegradable one, where we have a straw it will be biodegradable, where there is a bag it will be biodegradable. That was the original plan and that’s how this action started. As part of the program, they made reusable cups, 1,500 of which were sold.

In addition to reducing plastic waste, it is also important that quality food has quality packaging. Food breathes in our natural packaging and is kept fresher, as it is not encased in plastic or aluminum, materials that do not breathe.

Biodegradable disposable products instead of plastic

“We used 45,000 plastic cups”

According to Mr. Kovaios, in 2018, the Association of Donousa Professionals did a survey where it found that around 45,000 plastic cups had been used on the island. In 2019, this number fell in half. Disposable plastic cups were replaced by biodegradable ones and 95% of professionals accepted, agreed and implemented it.

Donoussa is an island that is quite aware of environmental issues. This fact is also confirmed by the executive director of the Laskaridis Foundation, Angeliki Kosmopoulou, as, as she mentions, they thought that it had more chances to respond to this ambitious experiment and become the first island without single-use plastics.

The inhabitants of Donoussa are particularly satisfied that their island is a model for the rest of the country.

“Greece without single-use plastics” campaign

“Greece without single-use plastics” is generally a bundle of things. It has a part that concerns cleanings, but it also has a part that concerns communication and awareness actions. The aim is to inform and sensitize the world.

> Think ECO <

Biodegradable packaging materials Eco care = the good alternative to plastics.

No extra process or compost bin is needed

A plastic bag is used for about 15 minutes and pollutes the planet for over 400 years! As a solution to this major environmental problem, the use of biodegradable packaging materials, i.e. single-use items made of natural materials, is proposed.

Why choose Eco care biodegradable materials?

Biodegradable is a material that can be completely broken down in composting conditions. The European EN 13432 certification guarantees that the material will be fully integrated into the environment in the form of organic substances within 90 days.

Eco care biodegradable packaging materials are the good alternative to plastics. No extra process is required and no recycling is required! Our products are made from natural materials, when you throw them in the trash, they will biodegrade at a much faster rate than common plastics that stay on Earth for hundreds of years.

In addition to reducing plastic waste, it is also important that quality food has quality packaging. Food breathes in our natural packaging and is kept fresher, as it is not encased in plastic or aluminum, materials that do not breathe.

Biodegradable packaging materials Eco care = the good alternative to plastics.
Eco care biodegradable packaging materials

Replacing plastics with biodegradable ones – asap

You can now see a shift of the consumer public to ecological products. Replace the plastic packaging harmful to health and the environment with new ecological ones made from natural materials. Eco care provides solutions adapted to your needs. After all, biodegradable packaging materials are aesthetically and qualitatively superior to plastics.

Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging is good for both the environment and our health. With regard to the fight we all fight to reduce waste, our conscious attitude is decisive in terms of our health.

Think Green ⇢ Do good ⇢ Feel good!

Ecological catering items

Biodegradable eco-friendly sugar cane tableware

Professional Equipment – Catering

Eco care supplies ecological catering items to catering businesses throughout Greece and abroad.

Packaging items for catering businesses are a big asset. Whether it concerns take away or delivery, a good container for your product is very important and is the first image your customer will see, so it must be neat! The types of packaging, in addition to hosting the product, must offer safety, protection and preservation during transport. For this reason, at Eco care we offer you the best types of packaging for catering businesses, at the best market prices and with immediate delivery. Whether you are the owner of a cafe, steakhouse, pizzeria, burger house, pasteria, creperie, restaurant, etc., at Eco care you will definitely find the right packaging for your business.

Eco-friendly disposable tableware made from sugar cane

Businesses without plastic – Eco supplies

If you are an entrepreneur and you like the philosophy of zero waste, at Eco care you will find a wide variety of single-use ecological products, made from sugar cane, for daily use. We have a wide range of disposable packaging and ecological catering items to meet the needs of mass catering, hotels, catering, delivery, take-away etc.

Click here to view our entire collection of biodegradable eco-friendly tableware made from natural materials, available for immediate dispatch.

Why choose eco-friendly sugar cane tableware?

Sugar cane utensils are essential for every catering professional.

In our collection you will find ecological catering products made of sugar cane to pack any food cold or hot, while protecting the environment.

More specifically, bagasse food utensils are made from 100% natural materials, as it is the residual fibrous material that remains from the production of sugar after the sugar cane has been pressed. The producers exploit this material in a sustainable way, producing eco-friendly catering items. In the production of sugarcane products, no forest destruction is caused, as sugarcane is a resource that is cultivated and grows very quickly. Instead, it is considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Finally, due to their biodegradability, these products decompose relatively quickly and become soil, and therefore the soil, in turn, can be used as fertilizer for new crops, thus closing the cycle.

Accept the challenge and become more ecologically conscious.

We will be happy to serve you!

Biodegradable products

Biodegradable products and tourism

Biodegradable products → The decisive solution for single-use plastics and catering.

Turning tourism businesses into a plastic-free everyday life. A very good solution in this direction is the biodegradable products from sugarcane.

Upgrade to sustainability with biodegradable products

With the abolition of single-use plastic products but also with the current need to adapt to climate change, all hotels and businesses in the tourism sector, had to introduce a new range of products, more environmentally friendly with biodegradable products (cutlery, plates , delivery packages, straws, cups, etc.).

βιοαποικοδομήσιμα προϊόντα
Tourism industry turned green 🍃

Benefits of “green” tourism businesses

  • Advertised as a tourist accommodation, which cares about the environment (enhanced marketing).
  • It creates a more pleasant experience for the consumer, also reducing the guilt of constantly using plastic.
  • We avoid the fines that will be given to companies that have not complied with the new legislation.

The initiative to eliminate single-use plastic is necessary for the survival of any tourism business now, especially when foreign visitors expect and demand this development. Many large hotels already apply the philosophy of Zero Waste using only biodegradable products.

At Eco Care, we have a wide range of disposable biodegradable products and catering items to meet the needs of mass catering, hotels, catering, delivery, take-away, etc.

Compostable items

Composting process

Do you know what the composting process is? Learn all about compostable items.

What does compostable items mean?

Materials that can be biodegraded and composted in a composting unit are considered compostable. In this process, microorganisms break down the bioplastic plastic into CO₂, H₂O, inorganic compounds and biomass, leaving no toxic residues.

Biodegradable – disposable

In recent decades, new polymeric materials have appeared which have the property of breaking down in the environment in a short period of time. The so-called biodegradable polymers.

Biodegradable plastics can be derived from natural or synthetic polymers. “Environmentally degradable polymers” are divided into the following categories according to their breakdown mechanism:

• Biodegradable

• Compostable

• Hydro biodegradable

• Photodegradable

• Photo biodegradable

The compostable polymers are placed in the compost bin together with the rest of the organic waste to create fertilizer (compost). Composting is a natural process that turns organic materials into a rich dark substance. This substance is called compost or humus or soil conditioner.

Composting process
Composting is the new recycling ♲

Composting – What is it?

Composting is a very direct and important way of prevention and recycling. It has been estimated that 35% of household waste can be composted.

Composting is defined as the aerobic biological (oxidative) process of degradation and stabilization of organic materials, carried out under those physical and chemical conditions that favor the succession of specific thermophilic, thermoresistant and mesophilic microbial populations.

  • 1. Composting at the source (home and in the facilities of large producers).
  • 2. Composting in green areas in every neighborhood.
  • 3. Municipal composting.
  • 4. Regional composting.

All our products are biodegradable and compostable.

The raw materials used are natural and all our products meet the specifications regarding biodegradable packaging.