disposable items

Camping in nature with disposable items

Disposable items always and everywhere

Disposable items are one of the most useful things you need to have with you when you go camping in nature.

It is simple, even organized to be the campsite you decide to camp, none of you will be in the mood to carry and also wash dishes, cutlery and glasses – Remember you are on vacation!

What else will you need besides disposable items?

❱ Number 1 on the camping equipment list is the tent.
❱ Extra snacks & food for when you don’t want to eat out somewhere.
❱ Portable cooler or isothermal bag and gas stove or grill special for camping.
❱ Mosquito – Insect repellents.
❱ For the night, you will need a camping torch.
❱ First aid kit is essential for any bites or stings.
❱ Also have a lighter and a knife with you.

Camping – ecologically

Also have with you the necessary quantity that you will need in dishes, knives, forks, spoons, straws & cups for your snacking during breaks.

Why choose Eco care disposables?

They do not take up space, they have no weight, so it will be very easy for you to have them always and everywhere with you. Biodegradable Eco care sugarcane products respect the environment and the basic principles of sustainable development. They decompose without leaving a trace of environmental contamination.

You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner undisturbed and drink your favorite iced drink. They are impervious to cooking oil and highly durable. They are the easiest and most practical solution.

They are worth trying. Discover more about our products here.

•❥ “Join the race to make the world a better place!”

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biodegradable consumables

Summer excursion with biodegradable consumables

We change lifestyle by using biodegradable consumables

When you change your life for the better and start to review your relationship with the environment, this translates into changing your lifestyle and looking for products that have the same purpose as you, to actually love the environment.

Eco care is completely intertwined with sustainability and is practical proof that its biodegradable consumables can combine aesthetics and functionality, while never forgetting to love nature. Our goal is to make sustainability a true way of life.

Summer = nature escapes

The warm sun is staring you in the face and all you think about are trips and getaways, even for a few days, so you can enjoy nature and fresh air. In fact, our country is rich in wonderful landscapes, picturesque villages, rivers and lakes, so you can organize the excursion you need through countless options.

Summer travel essentials

For summer excursions in nature, always have the absolute essentials with you:

❱ Plenty of water
❱ Healthy snacks & food
❱ Biodegradable consumables
❱ Mosquito – Insect repellents
❱ Sunglasses & sunscreen
❱ First aid kit

Summer getaways in nature – ecologically

Try to always have the above with you, as light as possible so they don’t tire you. Thus, you will have created the ideal conditions to enjoy your excursion even more, without anything going wrong.

Also have with you the necessary quantity you will need in dishes, knives, forks, spoons, straws & cups for your snacking during breaks.

Eco care biodegradable consumables

Eco care is committed to a continuous search, so as to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible. Follow a “greener” philosophy too, using biodegradable Eco care consumables on each of your getaways.

•❥ “The Earth is what we all have in common. Keep it safe and clean!”

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eco products

Snacks on the beach with eco products

Let’s go to the beach with our eco products

It’s summer… Sea and sandy beach create the ideal setting for a snack, of course with the appropriate eco products together. Let’s enjoy a delicious picnic, by the sea, without guilt towards the environment. After all, there is no better picnic than what we can organize quickly and without much effort.

Dips whet the appetite and having spent a little extra time preparing our own snacks, we won’t have to leave our sunbed to eat. It is important to ensure that we get the energy we need through snacks, which it would be good to have prepared at home, so that we know what we are eating. Along with the Eco care eco products with us, we will not have to look for where we will place our snacks and avoid soiling the clothes or the beach towel.

Essential accessories for the beach

SOS – things we should have with us: the portable cooler or the isothermal bag with the ice packs to keep food and drinks as long as possible at the temperature we put them in and of course the eco products from Eco care. They take up minimal space in the bag and are the most ideal ecological solution.

Options for snacks with eco products

At the forefront of our choices, naturally, are the meatballs, not only made from minced meat but also from vegetables of the season, such as tomato meatballs, potato meatballs and pumpkin meatballs, which are perfectly eaten cold. We can also make mini burgers, Arabic pies, sandwiches and savory tarts or cakes.

Salads are equally suitable for the season, which is looking for cool flavors (the dressing is kept separately so that we can throw it in at the last minute along with the salt and pepper). Necessary in our bag and fruits, which are cool. We transfer them either whole, or cut into a fruit salad, in our special biodegradable containers, adding honey if we want.

Snacking on the beach with eco products

Have with you the necessary quantity that you will need in plates, knives, forks, spoons, straws and cups.

To accompany dishes, beers and chilled white wine are the ideal options. But we don’t forget… We should always have cool water available, as it is the best option to meet our increased fluid needs.

Small actions- Big impact

Whatever small actions each one of us makes, they have value and impact in protecting the planet. The eco products you will find here will hopefully inspire you to make changes that do not burden the environment and will excite you.

•❥ Earth Loves You, Love it Back

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ecological picnic

Ecological picnic in nature

Ecological picnic

Ecological picnic, in the wonderful countryside in Spring is a very special way to create memories with your family, your company, your partner.

Enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and fun in dreamy, natural landscapes, always respecting the environment, using Eco care disposable biodegradable sugarcane products.

Whatever the occasion: birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, friend or family gathering, be original by organizing a unique picnic that will satisfy your requirements and give you and your loved ones quality time.

Do you prefer a sandy, golden beach or a lush forest with wild vegetation, aromatic shrubs and herbs? The choice is yours.

Biodegradable products at the ecological picnic

So, organize an ecological picnic with biodegradable products, in the company of dear friends and enjoy the fresh air and nature. Why biodegradable? Read the corresponding blog article and find additional reasons to include them in your daily life.

How to organize the perfect ecological picnic

Like all events, picnic needs the necessary organization to be crowned with success.

Ecological picnic in nature with biodegradable Eco care products

Necessary equipment for the perfect eco picnic


Choose the appropriate location. A park, which will have wooden tables and seats, a lake or a beach. If everything seems far and inconvenient, you can always organize the eco-picnic in your garden.

Picnic basket

Choose a large picnic basket where you will put all the essentials: napkins, cutlery, food, drinks, bowls, plates and Eco care cups. It is also a good idea to get a portable cooler or a large insulated bag.

Picnic blanket

Choose a large picnic blanket with waterproof reinforcement on the bottom, which will keep it dry from any moisture on the ground.

Biodegradable disposable products

Caring for the environment must be our first priority. So avoid disposable plastic cups/plates. Stock up on disposable biodegradable sugarcane products (available in selected shops and supermarkets). The same applies to the tablecloth, prefer fabric rather than disposable ones.

Games & music

Have a great time playing board games like chess, Uno and more. If you have children with you, don’t forget the ball. A portable speaker is also essential to create the right atmosphere. Take your favorite book with you of course.

Little things that make a difference

Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, baby wipes, antiseptic, etc. Also, don’t forget a few garbage bags, which after you’ve filled them, you’ll throw them in the special bins.

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ecological choices

Delivery – Takeaway ecological options

Ecological delivery options

Today more than ever, businesses are looking for ecological delivery/takeaway options, indicating the need to adopt a greener everyday life.

In particular, as of January 1, 2022, an environmental protection levy is imposed on take away and delivery for single-use plastic products, which “are available as food and beverage packaging during their sale by mass catering businesses and retail businesses”, according to by AADE decision published in the Official Gazette.

More specifically, the payment of the levy is imposed on consumers per piece of product. The plastic cover or cap is considered a distinct product, for which the levy is imposed independently, as indicated in the relevant decision.

Environmental protection contribution

The environmental protection levy applies to:

• Cups for drinks, including their covers and lids.
• Food containers, i.e. containers such as boxes with or without lids, inside which food is placed which: is intended for immediate consumption either on the premises or outside the store, is usually consumed from the container, is ready for consumption without further preparation, in particular cooking, boiling or heating, including containers used for fast food or other ready-to-eat meals.

Caution! The environmental protection levy does not concern pla / cpla bioplastic items, as we found after a careful study of the relevant legislation. All Eco care items that consist of or contain bioplastic (pla / cpla) belong to the “biodegradable plastic” category and have all the necessary European certifications.

View our article on “Eco-friendly food packaging for your store” and get more information.

Biodegradable from sugar cane – top ecological options

Sugarcane plant, after the pressure it receives to produce the syrup, produces a lot of fiber. So the fibers that are created, instead of being thrown in the waste or burned, causing additional pollution for the environment, are washed and sterilized meticulously, at specific temperatures and result in the raw material for the creation of ecological disposable products.

Sugarcane biodegradables are an environmentally friendly solution and a great solution for greener options.

Ecological choices for delivery/takeaway Eco care

Sugarcane is a 100% biodegradable and compostable material, environmentally friendly, which decomposes in a short time. All sugarcane products are suitable for food contact and certified for composting (composting), according to EN13432 (European Composting Standard).

Eco-friendly options with disposable catering items

Eco care offers complete ecological options of disposable packaging for catering businesses that offer delivery / take away services.

Summer is coming and you can’t say no to a freddo or a refreshing cocktail. Forget plastic or aluminum packaging, which only do is transfer harmful toxic substances into food and drinks. Eco care catering and packaging consumables are produced from natural raw materials such as sugar cane and are biodegradable and compostable.

Prefer Eco care sugar cane products for delivery/takeaway

Eco care biodegradable sugarcane utensils are resistant to hot water. They are perfectly suitable for freezing and are also microwave safe. They can comfortably and fearlessly accommodate liquids and oils, as they are impermeable, waterproof and suitable for all types of food. They are the ideal solution for delivery/takeaway services.

✖ No more plastics. Premium eco-conscious experience…

At Eco care you will find ideal solutions for the needs of your business, at unbeatable prices, through a wide range of products, in every design and feature. Discover more here.

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Ecological life

Go green – 3+1 reasons for a more ecological life

Ecological life – now

In recent decades, drastic changes have been observed in the conditions of our planet. A more ecological life is considered necessary.

Economic and demographic growth, along with increasing demand for natural resources, have come at a high cost to the environment.

Fortunately, more and more people have already begun to realize the effects of their actions on the environment and are trying to adopt ecological habits in their daily lives.

Are you already one of these people or planning to become one?

Then you need to know that the “sustainable” lifestyle is not complicated at all. Incorporating sustainability into your life is easy! It just takes will not negligence, activity not inactivity.

Green living with small changes

Even the smallest change can make a difference!

We gathered 4 easy ideas for an ecological lifestyle that you can also incorporate into your life, protecting the planet. You might realize that you already do most of them! If so, well done! Keep up the good work, adding even more “green” elements to your daily routine.

Live an eco life – Live a happy life

So let’s see what a day in the ecological life looks like! Can you relate?


Coffee in biodegradable cups

Have you ever thought about how you can enjoy your coffee in the morning without burdening the environment? Enjoy your coffee in biodegradable sugar cane coffee cups. This will keep you and the environment happy.

No more plastic straws

Summer is coming and you can’t say no to a freddo or a refreshing cocktail. What you can definitely say no to is plastic straws. Prefer biodegradable straws that automatically turn your drink or coffee into an ecological one.

Time to shop: Don’t forget your reusable bag

Plastic bags are usually single-use and most end up in landfills or the oceans, polluting the environment and endangering many species of animals. Bring cloth bags into your life, which are a smart and easy way to carry all your shopping.

Biodegradable disposable products

Caring for the environment must be our first priority. So avoid disposable plastic cups/plates. Stock up on disposable biodegradable sugarcane products (available in selected shops and supermarkets). The same applies to the tablecloth, prefer fabric rather than disposable ones.

Shop your food sustainably

Firstly, create a shopping list and buy only what you really need to reduce waste and waste. First create a shopping list and buy only what you really need to reduce waste and waste. Choose to shop at the local market, enriching your diet with plenty of local, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Also try to slowly reduce your meat consumption. The meat production industry is unfortunately inhumane to animals, pollutes the soil and water and contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. By reducing your meat consumption even one day a week, you can reduce your personal impact on the environment by 15%.

•❯ Food, friends, sun & Eco care products!

sugarcane utensils

What does biodegradable sugarcane material mean?

Biodegradable sugarcane utensils – sos –

Why biodegradable sugarcane utensils? A plastic bag needs 10-20 years to dissolve in the sea, a plastic glass 50 and a plastic bottle “only” 450 years.

Plastics, or synthetic polymers, are widely used both because of their mechanical and thermal properties – mainly their durability and resistance to various types of corrosion – and because of their low price.

Their use in short-lived applications, such as product and food packaging (which accounts for the bulk of waste, almost 1/3 of the volume of waste), created the big problem of environmental pollution and lack of disposal space – a scourge of the era.

From studies carried out it became known that at the end of the 20th century the production of plastics had reached 130 million tons per year. Proportionally, each person uses about 100 kg of plastic per year. Common plastics remain in the environment for hundreds of years due to the fact that microorganisms found in soil are generally unable to break down a polymer chain composed entirely of carbon atoms that does not exist in nature. For this reason, there was a need to replace common plastics with new, innovative materials from sugar cane that have the same functionality, while being more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable – Polymeric materials

In recent decades, new polymeric materials have appeared which have the property of breaking down in the environment in a short period of time. The so-called biodegradable polymers.

*At Eco care we produce biodegradable tableware from sugar cane. Discover more about us here.

Biodegradation of plastics

Biodegradation of plastics does not depend only on the raw material of their production, but on their chemical structure and composition. For this reason, biodegradable plastics can be derived from natural or synthetic polymers. “Environmentally degradable polymers” are divided into categories according to their breakdown mechanism, which are as follows:

• Biodegradable
• Compostable
• Hydrobiodegradable
• Photodegradable
• Photobiodegradable

Life cycle of biodegradable polymers from renewable raw materials

Biodegradable polymers break down under specific fermentation conditions into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The compostable polymers are placed in the composting bin together with the rest of the organic waste to create fertilizer (compost). Hydro-biodegradable polymers break down through hydrolysis and are those that contain starch or its derivatives in a high percentage. Photodegradable polymers only break down under the influence of solar radiation.

Photo-biodegradable polymers, in contrast, do not require the continuous presence of light. Their technology is based on the addition of a small amount of “disintegrant” which, when introduced into the plastic during the production process of the raw material, changes the behavior of the plastic. Photo-biodegradable plastics, after being exposed to the sun for some time, even with burial, will degrade with the help of bacteria and fungi as previously the “decomposer” has broken down the macromolecules of the plastic into smaller ones.

Biodegradable polymers are degraded by natural agents, primarily in the presence of microorganisms, and may involve processes such as dissolution in water. The degradation environments of photodegradable and biodegradable polymers differ and for this reason they do not belong to the category of biodegradable polymers.

The development of biodegradable polymers, i.e. polymers that usually come from renewable raw materials and are broken down after their disposal by microorganisms in the environment, is an alternative solution to the applications of common plastics, since they have similar physical and mechanical properties to conventional plastics and in addition they provide a solution to the problem of environmental pollution, saving landfill space and de-addiction from oil.

Biodegradable polymers, unlike common plastics, break down over time into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

All Eco care products are biodegradable and compostable. In 45-90 days they break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, in the composter or landfill (if it meets the right humidity and temperature conditions).

•❯ Earth Loves You, Love it Back | Eco care!

Elimination of plastics

10 plastics eliminated once and for all

Elimination of plastics

The assistance of all of us in the elimination of plastic items is very important.

Plastics have been established in our perception as “something cheap, that makes it easier for us”. But in reality, their cost to the environment and human health is enormous.

By changing habits in our daily life, we can gradually make a difference and minimize the plastics we use.

Ban on the use of plastics

Let’s take a closer look at which 10 plastic products have been banned under legislation passed in October 2020 aimed at eliminating plastics and their impact on the environment.

• Swabs
• Plastic cutlery
• Plastic plates
• Plastic straws
• Plastic drink stirrers
• Plastic balloon supports other than balloons for industrial or other professional use
• Food containers made of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam)
• Beverage containers of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam), as well as their lids and covers
• Cups for drinks made of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam), as well as their lids and covers.
• Products made from biodegradable plastic.

It is reminded that for the bodies of the General Government, the abolition of plastics and consequently of the use of the above single-use products has come into force from February 1, 2021.

Elimination of plastic items – no more plastic –

Law 4736/2020 on the abolition of single-use plastics

In Greece, the harmonization of national legislation with the Community Directive was completed in October 2020 with the passing of Law 4736/2020 “Incorporation of Directive (EU) 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment and other provisions”.

Some single-use products, which are more commonly found on shores and for which alternatives are available, have already been phased out from 3 July 2021. However, other categories of plastic products such as drink cups or food containers will be phased out in order to achieve specific goals.

Phase out plastic packaging

The abolition of plastic packaging will be achieved in various ways, such as, for example, the adoption of the environmental protection levy, the obligation to make reusable alternative products available at the point of sale and the use of alternative products by catering services, by increasing the amount of recycled plastic in pet bottles etc.

We say goodbye to single-use plastics, replacing them with biodegradable Eco care products made from sugar cane.

We live our daily lives with an eco-consciousness, protecting both the environment and ourselves from the harmful effects of plastics of all forms.

•❯ Live a green life – You deserve nothing less!

ecological food packaging

Ecological food packaging for your store

Ecological food packaging

With us, you will find ecological food packaging for every use. We offer innovative solutions that fully cover the requirements and needs of a modern business.

The cost, quality and aesthetics of food and beverage transport products is an important success factor in catering establishments and this is something we know well at Eco care.

Our eco-friendly sugar cane food/beverage packaging has been tested in transport conditions and provides our customers with the most reliable solution.

Prepared meals in ecological packaging

Thanks to Eco care’s knowledge and experience in using natural raw materials, ready meals can now be served in a 100% sustainable packaging, without a trace of plastic.

*If you would like to get a quote and learn more about our 100% biodegradable PLA corn plastics and sugarcane compostables, please fill out the contact form.

Give us information about the dimensions and use of the vessel, so we can suggest options.

Ecological food packaging Eco care – always and everywhere –

Sugarcane products – 100% biodegradable

Food containers, plates, cups, are all made of renewable materials and are 100% biodegradable.

The containers are made from sugarcane fibers and produce 50% less CO2 than conventional ones during the production process.

Combined with sugarcane or PLA lids, you have a complete ready meal packaging solution for your business.

Eco-friendly disposable products

The Eco care product line has a wide range to cover every packaging need. Ideal products for meals that are not consumed immediately, for salads with dressing, meals with sauces or very juicy foods, ice creams and much more.

Eco-friendly food packaging is suitable for refrigeration, freezing, electric oven or microwave.

You can choose the suitable utensil for you among different dimensions of sugar cane utensils, which will highlight the ¨green¨ consciousness of your business and differentiate you from the competition.

See in detail the complete range of Eco care products here. They excel in both functionality and appearance.

•❯ Think green – Go green | Go eco!

ecological consciousness in the office

Environmental awareness in the office too

Environmentally disposable

Show your love for nature from the office as well by adopting the following habits that will help you become more eco-conscious in the office when you work.

4+1 ways to be eco-conscious

• Make copies of both sides of the paper. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. When a company of 100 people uses each sheet twice, it saves more than 50 trees a year.
• Make eco-conscious photocopies using recycled paper. If you use 1 ton of paper per year by replacing it with 30% recycled, you save the equivalent of half a barrel of oil and 13,500l of liquid waste.
• Prefer filtered water, not bottled, and have a glass at your desk. The production of bottled water requires up to 2,000 times more energy than using tap water – never mind the plastic bottles.
• Close your PC when you leave the office (uses less energy than the screen saver). The reduction in energy consumption is equivalent to replacing 6 ordinary light bulbs with ecological ones.
• Place your coffee or meal in a reusable container, or if you take from outside, prefer one packaged in a biodegradable / compostable glass or container produced from natural raw materials.

Ecological initiatives

The more ecologically we live, the more we contribute to the protection of the environment, as long as we adopt some habits.

Use biodegradable Eco care products from sugarcane in the office every day and get rid of all forms of plastic, taking care of yourself and the environment.

Environmental awareness in the office too

Eco care sugarcane utensils

Discover our wide range of products online, which will cover your every need for food/drink and even ecologically, or look for our products in well-known super market chains.

•❯ Think eco – not ego everyday!