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Ecological life

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Go green – 3+1 reasons for a more ecological life

Ecological life – now

In recent decades, drastic changes have been observed in the conditions of our planet. A more ecological life is considered necessary.

Economic and demographic growth, along with increasing demand for natural resources, have come at a high cost to the environment.

Fortunately, more and more people have already begun to realize the effects of their actions on the environment and are trying to adopt ecological habits in their daily lives.

Are you already one of these people or planning to become one?

Then you need to know that the “sustainable” lifestyle is not complicated at all. Incorporating sustainability into your life is easy! It just takes will not negligence, activity not inactivity.

Green living with small changes

Even the smallest change can make a difference!

We gathered 4 easy ideas for an ecological lifestyle that you can also incorporate into your life, protecting the planet. You might realize that you already do most of them! If so, well done! Keep up the good work, adding even more “green” elements to your daily routine.

Live an eco life – Live a happy life

So let’s see what a day in the ecological life looks like! Can you relate?


Coffee in biodegradable cups

Have you ever thought about how you can enjoy your coffee in the morning without burdening the environment? Enjoy your coffee in biodegradable sugar cane coffee cups. This will keep you and the environment happy.

No more plastic straws

Summer is coming and you can’t say no to a freddo or a refreshing cocktail. What you can definitely say no to is plastic straws. Prefer biodegradable straws that automatically turn your drink or coffee into an ecological one.

Time to shop: Don’t forget your reusable bag

Plastic bags are usually single-use and most end up in landfills or the oceans, polluting the environment and endangering many species of animals. Bring cloth bags into your life, which are a smart and easy way to carry all your shopping.

Biodegradable disposable products

Caring for the environment must be our first priority. So avoid disposable plastic cups/plates. Stock up on disposable biodegradable sugarcane products (available in selected shops and supermarkets). The same applies to the tablecloth, prefer fabric rather than disposable ones.

Shop your food sustainably

Firstly, create a shopping list and buy only what you really need to reduce waste and waste. First create a shopping list and buy only what you really need to reduce waste and waste. Choose to shop at the local market, enriching your diet with plenty of local, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Also try to slowly reduce your meat consumption. The meat production industry is unfortunately inhumane to animals, pollutes the soil and water and contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. By reducing your meat consumption even one day a week, you can reduce your personal impact on the environment by 15%.

•❯ Food, friends, sun & Eco care products!

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