eco gifts

How to make Christmas more eco

Eco gifts

Let’s give another dimension to the Christmas celebration at school and at home with ecological gifts.

Christmas = gifts

We resist today’s consumer frenzy with eco-friendly gifts. The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we’re helping you transform it into a more eco-friendly holiday without losing any of its magic.

Christmas fills us with joy and brings us closer to our loved ones, it’s a fact. But wouldn’t it be even more beautiful if we spent it in a way that shows that we love and respect the environment as well?

Eco ornaments – eco gifts

Ecological actions – 5 Tips & tricks

❯ Turn off the lights. Create a romantic, nostalgic atmosphere with candles. Caution! Paraffin candles are made from petroleum and are not good for your health, and therefore for the environment. Choose candles made from soy or beeswax are more environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable – perfect idea for eco gifts too.

❯ Use towels on the table. Do not use napkins or kitchen paper on the table, but cloth towels that you can wash and reuse.

❯ Give away leftovers. Portion them and give them to your guests on their way out.

❯ Ornaments can come directly from nature. Decorate your tree with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, etc. You can also use edible decorations such as lollipops.

❯ Shop local stores. By buying products from neighborhood shops you will support local shopkeepers and their families, thus helping the development of the local market.

Shopping list- Think eco

So, before you complete your shopping list, it would be good to consider the impact these purchases have on the environment. Don’t forget to add to your list biodegradable Eco care products (plates, cups, containers, straws, knives, spoons & forks) that will loosen your hands.

*Find our products in well-known supermarket chains or in selected stores.

Ideas for eco gifts

There’s no denying the fact that gifts are a great act of love during the holidays.

A theater or concert ticket (online). A voucher for attending courses or seminars. Even a trip is among the “intangible” gifts with a smaller ecological footprint. In the sustainable, alternative solutions you have, also consider ethical / sustainable shops.

•❥ “We don’t have to continue with traditions that leave us broke and the planet broken!”

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ecological serving items

Bring biodegradable eco-friendly tableware into your life

Ecological serving items that do not pollute the environment

How do eco-friendly serving items differ from common disposable items?

Consumables made from sugarcane or other renewable raw materials, recycled materials and from plant materials produced in forests with certified responsible management, after serving their purpose, will not turn into toxic waste that will pollute nature. They will not contribute to global warming.

On the contrary, most ecological consumables are either biodegradable, or compostable in our home garden or we can throw them in the special brown organic waste recycling bins that we find in various cities of the country.

Why should you prefer Eco care ecological serving items?

Because by using these ecological items you are positively enhancing the protection of the environment, not its further pollution.

Consider drinking your daily take out coffee in a heat-resistant cane glass with a lid that once you empty it you can either add it to the compost bin, or leave it in the soil of your yard to biodegrade naturally.

Ecological serving items Eco care

How about offering sweets to the people you love served on biodegradable sugar cane plates and spoons, forks, knives made from renewable materials?!

After use, they can either end up in a composting plant or even if they end up in a landfill, they decompose faster and leave no toxic residue behind.

To know

Do you want to know why sugarcane is a good raw material? Read the corresponding article on our blog: “Sugarcane – What is it – Why is it a good raw material

*View our entire collection of eco-friendly cane tableware – available for immediate dispatch here.

•❥ “Eco care. Because we care! 💚

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eco baptism

Eco friendly baptism– Ohh yes!

Eco baptism – Ecological reception

What do you think of the idea of an eco baptism? The christening of your baby is a moment that will be etched in your memory as the sweetest memory, a memory that you will carry with nostalgia to your baby when he grows up.

And yet… There is a way to make this memory even more unique. You can give your baby’s baptism an ecological character.

If you also agree that it is important to strive “For a future where man and nature coexist harmoniously”, then the good cause you are looking for is the eco baptism of your baby. So let’s see how you can make it have a more “green” color.

Eco baby baptism – To do

For your baby’s christening, choose invitations and favors made from eco-friendly materials, doing your part in the effort to protect Greek ecosystems.

Raise awareness among your young and old guests by reminding them of the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Eco-friendly christening ideas

Choose biodegradable products

Eco care ecological products are the ideal solution for your baby’s christening reception, whether you prefer a buffet in an open space or a party in the countryside.

Choose between white plates and sugarcane cups. On our site, in the products category, you will also find bowls in various sizes, straws and other items that will fully cover the catering needs of your eco-christening reception. Natural catering supplies of high quality and unmatched style.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about washing dishes, accidents from broken dishes and glasses, or the huge volume of garbage. Natural focus items are fully biodegradable as they are made from sugar cane (a natural material).

Organization of eco-friendly baptism

Προσκλήσεις: Instead of giving paper invitations, send electronic ones. There are endless topics to choose from online and it’s very easy to send them. If you still insist on paper invitations, choose something that can be recycled.
Decoration: Let the decoration you choose be made of paper or fabric instead of plastic, e.g. paper garlands, which can then be used to decorate the children’s room.
Food: Choose to offer your guests delicacies from local products. Serve finger food in recyclable or biodegradable plates.
“Green” favors: For favors and gifts, do not use anything plastic. Prefer paper or cotton. For our little friends, wooden toys are an equally good choice.

Baptism with an ecological character – Details

Eco care disposable items

Get disposable Eco care sugarcane products for your baby’s christening party.

*Find our products in supermarkets and selected stores.

•❥ “We can all do our bit to help the environment. Happy Christening eco-friendly day!”

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ecological awareness

Back to school with ecological conscience

Ecological awareness in school

Back to school with an ecological awareness, using products for household / professional use, 100% free of plastic, fully biodegradable and compostable Eco care.

Ecological awareness for our children

As we all know, the Earth’s resources are not inexhaustible, of course, and it is absolutely necessary to switch to a more eco everyday life, with ecological consciousness, if we want to leave behind fertile soil for our children to live on.

This means changing the way of thinking, which will gradually bring about changes in our behavior and habits. It is enough to think before we act: “Is this product good for our health? Can my children use it? Does it contain anything toxic? Does it burden the environment and if so how?

These questions should accompany every choice in our purchases and little by little, when we arrive at a store, this will be done automatically, without the need to have “boxes” with the “shoulds” in our minds anymore.

Eco-conscious products

Try products from eco-conscious companies in the space. Try Eco care. Our product range includes plates, bowls, cups, knives, spoons, forks, straws etc.

Our products, made from renewable biodegradable materials (sugar cane), offer a lasting contribution to the protection of the environment. It has nothing to do with theoretical ideas but with practical and immediate action measures. See why sugarcane is a good raw material here.

The common denominator of all our products is their natural origin. Only sustainable, raw materials are used, mainly from sugar cane fibers.

Our motto: Respect for the environment, respect for the consumer with safe and strictly tested products.

Why Eco care in lunch boxes

Choose Eco care sugarcane products for daily use

Eco care products always and everywhere

•They are durable
•It is a healthy choice (instead of plastic)
•They keep the content (taste) unchanged
•There is no need to wash them, just throw them in the bin.

Γιατί να επιλέξετε Eco care προϊόντα στην καθημερινότητα σας

Accept the challenge and make a practical contribution to the conservation of natural energy sources, starting with simple everyday actions. Pack your children’s lunches in biodegradable packaging, keeping your eco-consciousness undiminished.

•❯ Do something Green everyday!

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respect for the environment

Litter in the seas – no more

Respect for the environment

About 70% of our planet is covered by oceans and marine debris is found almost everywhere. Respect for the environment is imperative.

Respect for the environment – sos

Marine litter, especially plastics, is a threat not only to the health of the seas and coasts, but also to the economy and our quality of life in general. Most marine litter is generated by activities carried out on land.

The eternal journey of plastics

Marine litter consists of manufactured or processed solid materials (eg plastic, glass, metal and wood), which end up in the marine environment one way or another.

About 10 million tons of waste end up in the seas and oceans of the planet every year. Plastics, and in particular plastic packaging waste such as soft drink bottles and single-use bags, are the main type of litter on beaches and the list goes on: broken fishing nets, ropes, cotton buds, cigarette butts, lighters and more.

Respect for the environment with coastal cleaning actions

Unlike organic materials, plastic does not “disappear” in nature. It accumulates in the environment and especially in the oceans. A single-use plastic bottle, for example, may take about 500 years to break down into tiny pieces. Read more about it in our corresponding article “How many years does it take for plastic to decompose” here.

Where does marine litter come from?

About 80% of the litter found in the marine environment comes from land-based activities. The source of marine litter is not necessarily limited to human activities along the coasts. Even if dumped on land, rivers and wind carry the waste out to sea. Fishing activities, shipping, offshore facilities such as oil wells and the sewage system contribute the rest.

Respect for the environment – Prolepsis

Although marine litter is only one of the pressures on the health of the marine environment, it is a growing concern. The accumulation and long preservation of plastics in nature further complicates the issue. Marine litter is a transboundary problem. Once they enter the sea, they no longer have an owner. This makes them difficult to manage.

The starting point for dealing with marine litter is prevention.

Coastal cleaning actions

The next step is to take action on land, before the waste reaches our seas. The EU has established policies and laws aimed at improving waste management, reducing packaging waste and increasing recycling rates, as well as improving waste water treatment and generally using resources more efficiently. There are also guidelines drawn up to help limit pollution from ships and ports.

These initiatives are a good way to raise awareness around the issue and ensure citizen participation (individual / social responsibility) in tackling the problem of marine litter.

Respect for the environment is a sign of culture!

•❥ “We can do better. We can make our life greener.”

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eco sign

Name day with ecological sign

Happy name day

August 15 is approaching… Celebrate your name day with an eco-sign, without guilt towards the environment.

Ideas for a zero waste party

Everyone celebrates their birthday, but how many celebrate their holiday? Many people don’t think it’s important, but it is. Your name is what makes you stand out. It is your identity for that and should be celebrated accordingly.

Less is more

A party can be good, without being ‘overloaded’ with decorations, lots of food and games. Everything in moderation and eco-friendly.

Celebrate your name ecologically

Ecological decoration

When it comes to decoration, avoid all balloons and plastics that are more than sure to end up in the bin at the end of the celebration. Prefer more flowers. Put LED lights, which you can also use in other situations. Make decoration compositions with recyclable items and include your children in the “game”. With imagination you can do wonders.

Eco-sign food options

“As for food, what options do I have?” Here things are simpler and clearer. Prefer foods with locally produced ingredients, fresh seasonal items, organic products as much as possible, meat as little as possible. These are the options for a party with a small ecological footprint.

In the event that there are significant amounts of food left over and you don’t want or can’t consume them in the next few days, call BORUME, the organization that networks people who have food with agencies and institutions that request food. They will let you know where the leftover food can go so that it can be used to feed people in real need.

Disposable plates – cups

Eco care disposable sugarcane biodegradable items are the ideal solution for your celebration party.

Name day party – plastic free

In general, plates and glasses cannot be missing from a party. But what is so special about Eco care biodegradable plates and cups made of sugarcane? Hmm let’s see… They have a beautiful design, they are extra durable and at the same time, they help you clean up after they untie your hands and you don’t have to wash anything!

Stay happy

Whatever you decide to do for your name day, don’t forget to always be in your best mood. After all, it’s your day and you should do what makes you happy.

Happy nameday to you!

•❥ “Party hard – Think eco!”

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disposable products

Eco-friendly summer holidays with eco-friendly disposable products

Disposable sugarcane products

The weather has warmed up, schools are closing and children want walks, sea, games under the sun and holidays. Find time for family trips to the sea, ecologically, using disposable products.

The classic question that many of you parents have is what to pack to take with you so you don’t have to resort to the easy, unhealthy beach solutions: chips, soda, ice cream.

We are happy to present to you some easy suggestions to fill your “basket” with healthy snacks that the kids will love and will keep them full for as long as you stay at the beach. Don’t forget to always have disposable products with you that respect the environment.

NO to marine litters

Avoid marine litter, especially plastics that pose a threat not only to the health of our seas and coasts but also to our very lives.

You can choose one or more of the following solutions, depending on how many hours you plan to spend at the beach and also depending on the dietary preferences of your children:

  • Fresh vegetables & fruits
  • Whole wheat crackers with cheese
  • Healthy sandwiches with wholemeal bread
  • Cookies & Cereal Bars
  • Arabic bread
Snacks on the beach for the kids

Biodegradable disposable Eco care

At Eco care we offer solutions from ecological consumables. Choose biodegradable single-use sugarcane products that respect the environment and the basic principles of sustainable development.

We have a wide range of products from ecological biodegradable single-use packaging made from sugar cane and we offer you plastic free solutions.

Stock up on containers, bowls, plates, cups, straws, spoons, knives and forks so as not to miss anything.

See our full collection of disposable products made from natural materials – available for immediate dispatch here.

•❥ “Ocean is not a garbage can. Be wise!”

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compostable products

Responsible choices with respect for the environment

Compostable products – what are they?

Compostable products are converted into organic matter, compost.

The word compost comes from the English word compost, which in turn comes from the Latin word compositus and the verb componere (com + ponere = together + place). At the end of the 14th century, the word composte appeared in the French language in the sense of a mixture of leaves, manure and other materials for fertilizing the earth. The word compost, as we know it today as a concept, appears in 1580 in England.

Compost – the natural fertilizer

Compost is natural fertilizer produced from the decomposition of organic materials, such as leaves, branches, food scraps (fruits, vegetables, etc.). Since it has good quality characteristics it can be used for any kind of cultivation.

The process of making compost from organic waste has been translated into Greek as composting and its products as compostable products.

Compost – The precious natural fertilizer

Composting – Biodegradation

Composting is essentially enhanced biodegradation, done under controlled conditions. Bacteria, fungi and other microbes are the workers of composting. They are also assisted by other larger organizations. During composting these microbes produce C02, heat and water as they break down the organic materials.

The final material that results is fertilizer (the compost) contains valuable nutrients while simultaneously acting as a soil conditioner. This is the significant difference between composting and biodegradation, that composting creates compost (fertilizer), while biodegradation simply decomposes the product into C02, water and biomass.

Learn more about the composting process by reading the corresponding article on our blog.

Eco care compostable products

Eco care products are compostable based on European Standard EN 13432. They are absolutely friendly to the environment and support a wide range of daily needs. They respect both nature and man.

Their correct use and disposal in conditions foreseen by their design allows the completion of their life cycle without negative consequences for the environment.

•❥ “Compost what you can. Go green – Keep our earth clean!

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biodegradable ecological species

Eco-friendly baby shower party

Biodegradable eco-friendly baby shower party items

We’ve seen it in movies, we’ve heard about it from our friends abroad, and maybe someone we know has already done it. A baby shower may not be our tradition, but it is a delightful way to celebrate such happy news, the arrival of a baby. And why not do it ecologically, using biodegradable ecological items?!

Whether you are organizing the baby shower party yourself or the mother-to-be, or a direct relative (mother, sister), a friend or the maid of honor, we have gathered the steps to organize your party successfully, without problems and above all ecologically.

When to Have a Baby Shower

Usually the party is held 6-8 weeks before the birth. So the wannabe mom is in a good place with her pregnancy and will be able to enjoy the party. If you have taken on the role of hostess yourself, start with the organization by finding out the exact date that serves the mother. In any case, you should give yourself at least a month to be comfortable and efficient.

How many people to invite

Determine the number of guests in consultation with the honoree. Even if it’s a surprise party, find out the mother-to-be’s preferences. Start phone calls, invitations and e-mails.

Where to

If your guest list is small, you can have the party at home. So your party will have a more intimate character.

Tip: Stock up on the necessary biodegradable eco-friendly items you will need in advance. This, as an idea, frees up your hands as you will avoid cleaning up afterwards (washing dishes, etc.). Finally, a great idea for the warmer months is to have the party in a beautiful outdoor place like a park or near the sea and turn it into a picnic. In this case it would be good to have provided for the amount of food and drinks and of course keep in mind the comfort of the attendees.

Baby shower party with an ecological character

Shower party theme and supplies

Usually baby showers are held in the afternoon, so the menu has prevailed to be light snacks and sweets along with tea, coffee or other refreshing drinks. So what’s better than preparing a perfect buffet with cold sandwiches, finger food and juices or soft drinks? Collect all necessary biodegradable ecological items (plates, cups, containers, straws, knives, forks, spoons etc.) at least one week before the party. As for the decoration, let your imagination and creativity run free and put together an incredible buffet with beautiful flowers and lights.

Souvenirs from the baby shower

And of course don’t skip this step! Gifts for guests are important. They show your appreciation for their presence at your party and are also a nice souvenir from the occasion. Choose care gifts such as scented soaps, bath salts or chocolates.

Finally, we recommend relaxing music and of course, don’t forget to take lots of souvenir photos.

Eco care biodegradable ecological items

Human life without nature has no possibility of continuity, but even more so, that the quality of human life is determined by the quality of nature. On this basis, we have created its own comprehensive line of biodegradable eco-friendly disposables (from sugarcane). They decompose without leaving a trace of environmental contamination. Products that can be “regenerated” contributing to the reduction of C02 emissions.

With a little preparation and always without stress, your baby shower party will be a success and will be a sweet memory for everyone.

•❥ “Have fun. Think eco.

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eco wedding

Eco friendly wedding – The new trend

Eco wedding

One trend of the time that is here to stay is the “ecological wedding” ⇢ eco wedding or otherwise sustainable wedding.

Today, more than ever, ecological consciousness is both a need and a trend. Therefore, you should at least know how to make your wedding a little more “green”.

All you need is love and eco wedding

Do you want a deeply “green” and guilt-free wedding? A wedding with an eco-friendly character? The following tips promise to make the process of preparing for the most important day of your life seem more like a challenge and fun than a chore.

Go green all the way – To do list:

❱ Send emails with a responsive alternative, saving the envelope storm!
❱ Get affordable disposable tableware – biodegradable. Win in functionality and aesthetics (they are white like the wedding as a whole). Use cane plates and cups.
❱ Use recycled gold for your wedding rings.
❱ Shop for wedding heels and raw eco jewelry that you’ll wear again.
❱ Make bouquets of flowers that thrive in seedbeds in your area.
❱ Decorate the space with potted plants, which will then be used by the guests.
❱ Make the favors yourself. For example, make sachets with lavender and other dried musk flowers.
❱ Use cloth towels on the tables. Avoid anything papery and printed (or print on recycled paper).
❱ Use the tablecloths of the place that hosts you.
❱ Limit your guest list. More guests = more ecological cost.
❱ Give your guests fabric bags with a commemorative inscription of the wedding.
❱ Use a food supplier that will use leftover food for a good cause.
❱ Make sure the organizing company is famous for its ecological philosophy.
❱ Alternatively, instead of rice, throw dried rose petals at the newlyweds.
❱ Organize a “green getaway” to ecological destinations for your honeymoon.

Eco wedding with disposable products from sugar cane

Prefer an eco wedding

With so many means available, veganism at its zenith and given the tendency of millennials for substantial changes, we cannot overlook the expenses that are made in every wedding and that cost more environmentally than financially. Say yes to an eco wedding!

You’re getting married and you don’t want to spend a fortune. An eco-friendly wedding is just right for you. Introduce your guests to the magic of ecology. Show them the way to “green” redemption, giving them reasons to follow your example for life.

With your eco wedding, proclaim the need to protect the environment and adopt good habits for life.

•❥ “Sometimes less is more! Do good – Do eco.

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