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ecological consciousness in the office

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Environmental awareness in the office too

Environmentally disposable

Show your love for nature from the office as well by adopting the following habits that will help you become more eco-conscious in the office when you work.

4+1 ways to be eco-conscious

• Make copies of both sides of the paper. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. When a company of 100 people uses each sheet twice, it saves more than 50 trees a year.
• Make eco-conscious photocopies using recycled paper. If you use 1 ton of paper per year by replacing it with 30% recycled, you save the equivalent of half a barrel of oil and 13,500l of liquid waste.
• Prefer filtered water, not bottled, and have a glass at your desk. The production of bottled water requires up to 2,000 times more energy than using tap water – never mind the plastic bottles.
• Close your PC when you leave the office (uses less energy than the screen saver). The reduction in energy consumption is equivalent to replacing 6 ordinary light bulbs with ecological ones.
• Place your coffee or meal in a reusable container, or if you take from outside, prefer one packaged in a biodegradable / compostable glass or container produced from natural raw materials.

Ecological initiatives

The more ecologically we live, the more we contribute to the protection of the environment, as long as we adopt some habits.

Use biodegradable Eco care products from sugarcane in the office every day and get rid of all forms of plastic, taking care of yourself and the environment.

Environmental awareness in the office too

Eco care sugarcane utensils

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•❯ Think eco – not ego everyday!

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