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ecological food packaging

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Ecological food packaging for your store

Ecological food packaging

With us, you will find ecological food packaging for every use. We offer innovative solutions that fully cover the requirements and needs of a modern business.

The cost, quality and aesthetics of food and beverage transport products is an important success factor in catering establishments and this is something we know well at Eco care.

Our eco-friendly sugar cane food/beverage packaging has been tested in transport conditions and provides our customers with the most reliable solution.

Prepared meals in ecological packaging

Thanks to Eco care’s knowledge and experience in using natural raw materials, ready meals can now be served in a 100% sustainable packaging, without a trace of plastic.

*If you would like to get a quote and learn more about our 100% biodegradable PLA corn plastics and sugarcane compostables, please fill out the contact form.

Give us information about the dimensions and use of the vessel, so we can suggest options.

Ecological food packaging Eco care – always and everywhere –

Sugarcane products – 100% biodegradable

Food containers, plates, cups, are all made of renewable materials and are 100% biodegradable.

The containers are made from sugarcane fibers and produce 50% less CO2 than conventional ones during the production process.

Combined with sugarcane or PLA lids, you have a complete ready meal packaging solution for your business.

Eco-friendly disposable products

The Eco care product line has a wide range to cover every packaging need. Ideal products for meals that are not consumed immediately, for salads with dressing, meals with sauces or very juicy foods, ice creams and much more.

Eco-friendly food packaging is suitable for refrigeration, freezing, electric oven or microwave.

You can choose the suitable utensil for you among different dimensions of sugar cane utensils, which will highlight the ¨green¨ consciousness of your business and differentiate you from the competition.

See in detail the complete range of Eco care products here. They excel in both functionality and appearance.

•❯ Think green – Go green | Go eco!

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