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Snacks on the beach with eco products

Let’s go to the beach with our eco products

It’s summer… Sea and sandy beach create the ideal setting for a snack, of course with the appropriate eco products together. Let’s enjoy a delicious picnic, by the sea, without guilt towards the environment. After all, there is no better picnic than what we can organize quickly and without much effort.

Dips whet the appetite and having spent a little extra time preparing our own snacks, we won’t have to leave our sunbed to eat. It is important to ensure that we get the energy we need through snacks, which it would be good to have prepared at home, so that we know what we are eating. Along with the Eco care eco products with us, we will not have to look for where we will place our snacks and avoid soiling the clothes or the beach towel.

Essential accessories for the beach

SOS – things we should have with us: the portable cooler or the isothermal bag with the ice packs to keep food and drinks as long as possible at the temperature we put them in and of course the eco products from Eco care. They take up minimal space in the bag and are the most ideal ecological solution.

Options for snacks with eco products

At the forefront of our choices, naturally, are the meatballs, not only made from minced meat but also from vegetables of the season, such as tomato meatballs, potato meatballs and pumpkin meatballs, which are perfectly eaten cold. We can also make mini burgers, Arabic pies, sandwiches and savory tarts or cakes.

Salads are equally suitable for the season, which is looking for cool flavors (the dressing is kept separately so that we can throw it in at the last minute along with the salt and pepper). Necessary in our bag and fruits, which are cool. We transfer them either whole, or cut into a fruit salad, in our special biodegradable containers, adding honey if we want.

Snacking on the beach with eco products

Have with you the necessary quantity that you will need in plates, knives, forks, spoons, straws and cups.

To accompany dishes, beers and chilled white wine are the ideal options. But we don’t forget… We should always have cool water available, as it is the best option to meet our increased fluid needs.

Small actions- Big impact

Whatever small actions each one of us makes, they have value and impact in protecting the planet. The eco products you will find here will hopefully inspire you to make changes that do not burden the environment and will excite you.

•❥ Earth Loves You, Love it Back

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