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Why biodegradable products

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Why biodegradable products

The use of biodegradable ecological products is now a fact! – Why biodegradable products?!

With environmental protection becoming more imperative than ever and legislation requiring the use of biodegradable packaging products, we have made sure to provide you with the best products on the market.

Biodegradable sugarcane utensils

Sugarcane is a 100% biodegradable and compostable material, environmentally friendly, and decomposes in a short time.

The sugarcane plant, after the pressure it receives to produce the syrup, produces a lot of fiber. These fibers, instead of being thrown away or burned, causing additional pollution to the environment, are washed and sterilized at specific temperatures, giving us the raw material to create eco-friendly disposable products.

Eco-friendly disposable products

An ecological single-use product must be characterized by a short decomposition time and designed in a way that does not alter the taste of the food, while preserving all its valuable components.

Eco Care’s biodegradable disposables have all the strengths and certifications you need to provide you with a better lifestyle.

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Still wondering why biodegradable products?

Biodegradable sugarcane products withstand 45°C in hot oil and 45°C in hot water. They are suitable for freezing at -18°C, while they withstand a microwave oven up to 100°C for 2′. They can safely accommodate liquids and oils, as they are waterproof, fully resistant and suitable for food.

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“The Conscientious Citizen’s Handbook”

☇ 3+1 reasons to include biodegradable products in your daily life:

1. Reduce plastic

Take an active part in reducing plastics in roads, landfills and seas.

2. European levels

Help keep the profile of our country at European levels. After all, tourists now demand the use of ecological products.

3. Practical tools

We have good news. For all of you who hate washing dishes/glasses, sugarcane biodegradable disposables are the perfect solution.

and the list goes on and on…

Change habits and improve your everyday life!

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