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biodegradable consumables

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Summer excursion with biodegradable consumables

We change lifestyle by using biodegradable consumables

When you change your life for the better and start to review your relationship with the environment, this translates into changing your lifestyle and looking for products that have the same purpose as you, to actually love the environment.

Eco care is completely intertwined with sustainability and is practical proof that its biodegradable consumables can combine aesthetics and functionality, while never forgetting to love nature. Our goal is to make sustainability a true way of life.

Summer = nature escapes

The warm sun is staring you in the face and all you think about are trips and getaways, even for a few days, so you can enjoy nature and fresh air. In fact, our country is rich in wonderful landscapes, picturesque villages, rivers and lakes, so you can organize the excursion you need through countless options.

Summer travel essentials

For summer excursions in nature, always have the absolute essentials with you:

❱ Plenty of water
❱ Healthy snacks & food
❱ Biodegradable consumables
❱ Mosquito – Insect repellents
❱ Sunglasses & sunscreen
❱ First aid kit

Summer getaways in nature – ecologically

Try to always have the above with you, as light as possible so they don’t tire you. Thus, you will have created the ideal conditions to enjoy your excursion even more, without anything going wrong.

Also have with you the necessary quantity you will need in dishes, knives, forks, spoons, straws & cups for your snacking during breaks.

Eco care biodegradable consumables

Eco care is committed to a continuous search, so as to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible. Follow a “greener” philosophy too, using biodegradable Eco care consumables on each of your getaways.

•❥ “The Earth is what we all have in common. Keep it safe and clean!”

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