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ecological picnic

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Ecological picnic in nature

Ecological picnic

Ecological picnic, in the wonderful countryside in Spring is a very special way to create memories with your family, your company, your partner.

Enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and fun in dreamy, natural landscapes, always respecting the environment, using Eco care disposable biodegradable sugarcane products.

Whatever the occasion: birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, friend or family gathering, be original by organizing a unique picnic that will satisfy your requirements and give you and your loved ones quality time.

Do you prefer a sandy, golden beach or a lush forest with wild vegetation, aromatic shrubs and herbs? The choice is yours.

Biodegradable products at the ecological picnic

So, organize an ecological picnic with biodegradable products, in the company of dear friends and enjoy the fresh air and nature. Why biodegradable? Read the corresponding blog article and find additional reasons to include them in your daily life.

How to organize the perfect ecological picnic

Like all events, picnic needs the necessary organization to be crowned with success.

Ecological picnic in nature with biodegradable Eco care products

Necessary equipment for the perfect eco picnic


Choose the appropriate location. A park, which will have wooden tables and seats, a lake or a beach. If everything seems far and inconvenient, you can always organize the eco-picnic in your garden.

Picnic basket

Choose a large picnic basket where you will put all the essentials: napkins, cutlery, food, drinks, bowls, plates and Eco care cups. It is also a good idea to get a portable cooler or a large insulated bag.

Picnic blanket

Choose a large picnic blanket with waterproof reinforcement on the bottom, which will keep it dry from any moisture on the ground.

Biodegradable disposable products

Caring for the environment must be our first priority. So avoid disposable plastic cups/plates. Stock up on disposable biodegradable sugarcane products (available in selected shops and supermarkets). The same applies to the tablecloth, prefer fabric rather than disposable ones.

Games & music

Have a great time playing board games like chess, Uno and more. If you have children with you, don’t forget the ball. A portable speaker is also essential to create the right atmosphere. Take your favorite book with you of course.

Little things that make a difference

Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, baby wipes, antiseptic, etc. Also, don’t forget a few garbage bags, which after you’ve filled them, you’ll throw them in the special bins.

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