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ecological choices

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Delivery – Takeaway ecological options

Ecological delivery options

Today more than ever, businesses are looking for ecological delivery/takeaway options, indicating the need to adopt a greener everyday life.

In particular, as of January 1, 2022, an environmental protection levy is imposed on take away and delivery for single-use plastic products, which “are available as food and beverage packaging during their sale by mass catering businesses and retail businesses”, according to by AADE decision published in the Official Gazette.

More specifically, the payment of the levy is imposed on consumers per piece of product. The plastic cover or cap is considered a distinct product, for which the levy is imposed independently, as indicated in the relevant decision.

Environmental protection contribution

The environmental protection levy applies to:

• Cups for drinks, including their covers and lids.
• Food containers, i.e. containers such as boxes with or without lids, inside which food is placed which: is intended for immediate consumption either on the premises or outside the store, is usually consumed from the container, is ready for consumption without further preparation, in particular cooking, boiling or heating, including containers used for fast food or other ready-to-eat meals.

Caution! The environmental protection levy does not concern pla / cpla bioplastic items, as we found after a careful study of the relevant legislation. All Eco care items that consist of or contain bioplastic (pla / cpla) belong to the “biodegradable plastic” category and have all the necessary European certifications.

View our article on “Eco-friendly food packaging for your store” and get more information.

Biodegradable from sugar cane – top ecological options

Sugarcane plant, after the pressure it receives to produce the syrup, produces a lot of fiber. So the fibers that are created, instead of being thrown in the waste or burned, causing additional pollution for the environment, are washed and sterilized meticulously, at specific temperatures and result in the raw material for the creation of ecological disposable products.

Sugarcane biodegradables are an environmentally friendly solution and a great solution for greener options.

Ecological choices for delivery/takeaway Eco care

Sugarcane is a 100% biodegradable and compostable material, environmentally friendly, which decomposes in a short time. All sugarcane products are suitable for food contact and certified for composting (composting), according to EN13432 (European Composting Standard).

Eco-friendly options with disposable catering items

Eco care offers complete ecological options of disposable packaging for catering businesses that offer delivery / take away services.

Summer is coming and you can’t say no to a freddo or a refreshing cocktail. Forget plastic or aluminum packaging, which only do is transfer harmful toxic substances into food and drinks. Eco care catering and packaging consumables are produced from natural raw materials such as sugar cane and are biodegradable and compostable.

Prefer Eco care sugar cane products for delivery/takeaway

Eco care biodegradable sugarcane utensils are resistant to hot water. They are perfectly suitable for freezing and are also microwave safe. They can comfortably and fearlessly accommodate liquids and oils, as they are impermeable, waterproof and suitable for all types of food. They are the ideal solution for delivery/takeaway services.

✖ No more plastics. Premium eco-conscious experience…

At Eco care you will find ideal solutions for the needs of your business, at unbeatable prices, through a wide range of products, in every design and feature. Discover more here.

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