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Sugarcane – What is it? – Why is it a good raw material?

What is sugarcane?

Did you know?

Sugarcane first appeared and was cultivated in the South Pacific Islands and is considered by many to be native to the island of New Guinea.

What exactly is bagasse;

Bagasse is the residual fibrous material left over from sugar production after sugar cane has been pressed. (See the relevant article on our blog for more details on bagasse)

From the sugarcane plant to sugarcane products

Sugarcane belongs to the grass family and grows in the tropical and subtropical climate zones of our earth. The plants are about 3-6m tall and their stems are 2-4.5cm in diameter. Inside their stems, there is also the peculiarity of the plant: sugar.

To produce sugar, sugar cane plants are harvested, collected and then pressed to process the juice obtained into sugar or cane juice.

100 tons of sugarcane produce about 10 tons of sugar and a total of 34 tons, for us valuable bagasse.

But instead of burning the “waste product”, at Eco care, we upgrade the material and produce biodegradable products from sugarcane, mainly environmentally friendly single-use tableware.

προϊόντα από ζαχαροκάλαμο
Sugarcane – very good raw material

Production of products from bagasse

The remaining cane fibers are stored wet to remove the core fibers and residual sugar, as these may hinder further processing. Bagasse is mixed with water until a slurry is formed. Biodegradable bleaches are then added. The bagasse mass is poured into a mold and given the desired shape using pressure and high temperatures.

Biodegradable sugarcane products

At Eco care we offer complete solutions from ecological consumables. Sugar cane is a good raw material, so we create biodegradable products from sugar cane with respect for the environment and the basic principles of sustainable development.

We offer a wide range of products from ecological biodegradable single-use packaging made from sugar cane and we offer you plastic free solutions for your everyday life. Eco-friendly cane packaging is not only safe for the environment but also for health.

•❯ By choosing sugarcane products and packaging, you are consciously choosing to reduce single-use plastic solutions.

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