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Ecological catering items

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Biodegradable eco-friendly sugar cane tableware

Professional Equipment – Catering

Eco care supplies ecological catering items to catering businesses throughout Greece and abroad.

Packaging items for catering businesses are a big asset. Whether it concerns take away or delivery, a good container for your product is very important and is the first image your customer will see, so it must be neat! The types of packaging, in addition to hosting the product, must offer safety, protection and preservation during transport. For this reason, at Eco care we offer you the best types of packaging for catering businesses, at the best market prices and with immediate delivery. Whether you are the owner of a cafe, steakhouse, pizzeria, burger house, pasteria, creperie, restaurant, etc., at Eco care you will definitely find the right packaging for your business.

Eco-friendly disposable tableware made from sugar cane

Businesses without plastic – Eco supplies

If you are an entrepreneur and you like the philosophy of zero waste, at Eco care you will find a wide variety of single-use ecological products, made from sugar cane, for daily use. We have a wide range of disposable packaging and ecological catering items to meet the needs of mass catering, hotels, catering, delivery, take-away etc.

Click here to view our entire collection of biodegradable eco-friendly tableware made from natural materials, available for immediate dispatch.

Why choose eco-friendly sugar cane tableware?

Sugar cane utensils are essential for every catering professional.

In our collection you will find ecological catering products made of sugar cane to pack any food cold or hot, while protecting the environment.

More specifically, bagasse food utensils are made from 100% natural materials, as it is the residual fibrous material that remains from the production of sugar after the sugar cane has been pressed. The producers exploit this material in a sustainable way, producing eco-friendly catering items. In the production of sugarcane products, no forest destruction is caused, as sugarcane is a resource that is cultivated and grows very quickly. Instead, it is considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Finally, due to their biodegradability, these products decompose relatively quickly and become soil, and therefore the soil, in turn, can be used as fertilizer for new crops, thus closing the cycle.

Accept the challenge and become more ecologically conscious.

We will be happy to serve you!

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