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Compostable items

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Composting process

Do you know what the composting process is? Learn all about compostable items.

What does compostable items mean?

Materials that can be biodegraded and composted in a composting unit are considered compostable. In this process, microorganisms break down the bioplastic plastic into CO₂, H₂O, inorganic compounds and biomass, leaving no toxic residues.

Biodegradable – disposable

In recent decades, new polymeric materials have appeared which have the property of breaking down in the environment in a short period of time. The so-called biodegradable polymers.

Biodegradable plastics can be derived from natural or synthetic polymers. “Environmentally degradable polymers” are divided into the following categories according to their breakdown mechanism:

• Biodegradable

• Compostable

• Hydro biodegradable

• Photodegradable

• Photo biodegradable

The compostable polymers are placed in the compost bin together with the rest of the organic waste to create fertilizer (compost). Composting is a natural process that turns organic materials into a rich dark substance. This substance is called compost or humus or soil conditioner.

Composting process
Composting is the new recycling ♲

Composting – What is it?

Composting is a very direct and important way of prevention and recycling. It has been estimated that 35% of household waste can be composted.

Composting is defined as the aerobic biological (oxidative) process of degradation and stabilization of organic materials, carried out under those physical and chemical conditions that favor the succession of specific thermophilic, thermoresistant and mesophilic microbial populations.

  • 1. Composting at the source (home and in the facilities of large producers).
  • 2. Composting in green areas in every neighborhood.
  • 3. Municipal composting.
  • 4. Regional composting.

All our products are biodegradable and compostable.

The raw materials used are natural and all our products meet the specifications regarding biodegradable packaging.

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