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Biodegradable packaging materials Eco care = the good alternative to plastics.

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No extra process or compost bin is needed

A plastic bag is used for about 15 minutes and pollutes the planet for over 400 years! As a solution to this major environmental problem, the use of biodegradable packaging materials, i.e. single-use items made of natural materials, is proposed.

Why choose Eco care biodegradable materials?

Biodegradable is a material that can be completely broken down in composting conditions. The European EN 13432 certification guarantees that the material will be fully integrated into the environment in the form of organic substances within 90 days.

Eco care biodegradable packaging materials are the good alternative to plastics. No extra process is required and no recycling is required! Our products are made from natural materials, when you throw them in the trash, they will biodegrade at a much faster rate than common plastics that stay on Earth for hundreds of years.

In addition to reducing plastic waste, it is also important that quality food has quality packaging. Food breathes in our natural packaging and is kept fresher, as it is not encased in plastic or aluminum, materials that do not breathe.

Biodegradable packaging materials Eco care = the good alternative to plastics.
Eco care biodegradable packaging materials

Replacing plastics with biodegradable ones – asap

You can now see a shift of the consumer public to ecological products. Replace the plastic packaging harmful to health and the environment with new ecological ones made from natural materials. Eco care provides solutions adapted to your needs. After all, biodegradable packaging materials are aesthetically and qualitatively superior to plastics.

Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging is good for both the environment and our health. With regard to the fight we all fight to reduce waste, our conscious attitude is decisive in terms of our health.

Think Green ⇢ Do good ⇢ Feel good!

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