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packaging from natural materials

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We not only protect the environment, but also upgrade the aesthetics of our business

Packaging from natural materials

At Eco care, respecting the needs of every business and the environment in general, we create ecological, biodegradable packaging from natural materials such as sugar cane. All cane utensils are suitable for direct contact with food and certified for composting, according to EN13432 (European composting standard).

An ideal solution to the ecological requirements of every business

In a variety of sizes. Easy to use, durable and absolutely suitable for contact with food, they upgrade the aesthetics of your business, in an ecological way.

Environmental awareness of consumers

Nowadays, more and more consumers are checking the packaging of their meals and looking for stronger packaging made from natural materials. By extension, businesses that adopt similar practices differentiate themselves in the eyes and minds of customers, who prefer them again and again. With the highly environmentally friendly, complete Eco care packaging solutions you will pleasantly surprise your customers and visitors.

Ecological business needs

Responding to your ecological needs, we present you with the ideal solution for your business if you are looking for practical solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and promote the circular economy. All this combining high aesthetics, functionality and of course the hygiene and safety that every modern person and business is looking for.

Catering-delivery-take away catering items

Eco care biodegradable sugar cane products are highly reinforced, waterproof and microwave safe. Can be used in a freezer / refrigerator, for reheating in a microwave oven (900 watts ⇾ Up to 3′) and at a water temperature ⇾ 45℃.

Eco care natural material packaging follows all the protocols related to environmental protection and sustainable development, while carrying FSC, BSCI, ISO 22000 certifications.

See and choose the ideal disposable product solutions for you and your business from 100% natural materials in: food containers, glasses, plates, knives, forks, spoons & straws.

Why choose packaging made from natural Eco care materials?

• The functional design, excellent performance and durability of our product solutions are combined with high aesthetics and your goals for sustainable development.
• Manufactured in many different options to meet the unique shape and size needs of your business.
• The 100% natural packaging materials ensure that there is no risk of contamination or spoilage of the food or drink in contact with the packaging.
• By choosing them, you show your practical interest in protecting the environment, which is not limited only to the ingredients of the food or drink, but also to their packaging.
• All Eco care product solutions are subject to independent controls to ensure maximum product safety

•❯ For any clarification or question you have about packaging made from natural materials and how to increase hygiene levels in your premises, contact a specialist Eco care consultant, through our contact form.

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