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biodegradable glass

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No, the taste of the coffee in the biodegradable cup does not change

Disposable items are not sustainable

Sustainability can mean many different things, but by no means does it mean using something once and throwing it away. There will always be an environmental cost to this. The pandemic may have helped a setback in the use of plastics, however, Greece has decided to leave them behind and move into a new “green era”.

Garbage bags, water bottles, food tins, coffee cups, pens, shampoo. Almost everything we use until now contains plastic.

And where does all that plastic go?

In the seas and then on our plate… Plastic kills marine animals, negatively affects marine ecosystems and thus enters the food chain.

The plastic cup ends up in the sea and then on our plate

We change habits today

Replacing plastics with biodegradable ones is possible, as the range that now exists is capable of replacing even the most ‘special’ plastic.

Choose a biodegradable glass for your coffee

To the question “Does the taste of the coffee in the biodegradable cup change?” the answer is No – any other!

Why Eco care biodegradable glass?

Because it has resistance to hot and cold drinks, because it does not change the taste of the coffee and it is very durable. At the same time, it is made of sugarcane and is therefore the most ideal natural solution. Biodegradable Eco care glasses do not pollute the environment, nor do they leave microorganisms in the soil, which disrupt the ecological chain. By using our biodegradable cups, you can enjoy your coffee every day guilt-free.

It is not too late to solve the problem

Our lives can only be affected for the better if we reduce the use of plastics. According to research, the large use of plastic in our everyday life burdens us, apart from the environment, and our health. When, for example, we choose to pack food or “store” drinks in containers made of natural material (such as sugarcane), as opposed to a plastic one, the taste is much superior.

Try the Eco care biodegradable glasses and you will see for yourself.

> Keep it GREEN <

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