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Biodegradable products

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Biodegradable products and tourism

Biodegradable products → The decisive solution for single-use plastics and catering.

Turning tourism businesses into a plastic-free everyday life. A very good solution in this direction is the biodegradable products from sugarcane.

Upgrade to sustainability with biodegradable products

With the abolition of single-use plastic products but also with the current need to adapt to climate change, all hotels and businesses in the tourism sector, had to introduce a new range of products, more environmentally friendly with biodegradable products (cutlery, plates , delivery packages, straws, cups, etc.).

βιοαποικοδομήσιμα προϊόντα
Tourism industry turned green 🍃

Benefits of “green” tourism businesses

  • Advertised as a tourist accommodation, which cares about the environment (enhanced marketing).
  • It creates a more pleasant experience for the consumer, also reducing the guilt of constantly using plastic.
  • We avoid the fines that will be given to companies that have not complied with the new legislation.

The initiative to eliminate single-use plastic is necessary for the survival of any tourism business now, especially when foreign visitors expect and demand this development. Many large hotels already apply the philosophy of Zero Waste using only biodegradable products.

At Eco Care, we have a wide range of disposable biodegradable products and catering items to meet the needs of mass catering, hotels, catering, delivery, take-away, etc.

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