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Environmentally disposable

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Environmentally disposable in everyday life

Environmentally disposable

At Eco care, you find ecologically disposable (eco friendly – zero waste solutions) to reduce or even better get rid of plastic in your daily habits.

Eco-consciousness can be the main goal and adopting eco-friendly practices on a personal level can become a lifestyle.

Environmentally disposable for daily use

We must move in our daily life with due attention to the environment. The choices we make for our purchases and the use of products, inside and outside the home, should be made with an ecological conscience. Biodegradable Eco care products are helping these movements.

What is biodegradation?

Biodegradation is a property of materials related to their biological environment. There, depending on the conditions, it is possible for them to decompose completely and leave no trace of environmental contamination. Biodegradable materials can be dissolved by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) in water, by carbon dioxide (CO2) and by some bio-materials. There are such products that you can buy and use at any time of the day. Let’s look at some of them.

Surely at some point you have noticed that some products carry the title “Biodegradable product“. With this we are assured that it is an ecologically biodegradable product and that its waste will be used to be reused and made into a new product.

Biodegradable items in everyday life

It is not necessary to go far to look for biodegradable products, the things we use every day have this ability: laundry soap, garbage bags, diapers, toilet paper, boxes, etc. all these products possibly have the quality of being biodegradable. They can be made of paper, wood, leather, wool, etc.

We practically move between biodegradable products, which shows that a lot of effort has been put into developing products with environmentally friendly characteristics. It is worth highlighting the bioplastics that effectively replace the common plastic, they are polymers of natural origin that are degraded by microorganisms, fungi, etc., being a good option for replacing the non-biodegradable plastic element par excellence. Used in medicine, for prosthetics, sutures, also in disposable containers and biodegradable bags.

Biodegradable household items

Some of the biodegradable products, you already use them every day without knowing it. Food scraps, coffee grounds, junk papers, napkins, newspapers and more are some of them. But apart from these, there are other products on the market that are biodegradable. For example, you can now find biodegradable dish and laundry detergent, cleaners for glass and other surfaces, baby diapers, garbage bags and eating utensils on the shelves of super markets.

Sugarcane products – Why choose them?

• They are biodegradable: Sugarcane items are biodegradable and do not burden the planet, as is the case with plastics.
• They are safe: Since sugarcane items are ecological, they do not contain any toxic substances, so they are safe for adults as well as children.

Eco-friendly disposable – made from sugarcane

Sugarcane tableware

Choose cane tableware in your everyday life and change your way of thinking while at the same time protecting the environment by using everyday items made from eco-friendly materials.

Using a sugar cane food container is also a very good opportunity for children to acquire ecological awareness from an early age, using objects made from environmentally friendly materials.

•❯ Do good – Feel good everyday!

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