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Ecological party supplies

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Eco party – no more plastics, yes to biodegradables

Ecological party supplies

Are you celebratring;

Organize the most unforgettable eco birthday or name day party, guilt-free towards the environment, using eco-friendly party supplies.

Party with an ecological character

The easy solution for children’s parties is plastic or paper plates and glasses in happy designs and colors. Unfortunately, there have been serious indications that such products contain high levels of toxins, which have proven to be dangerous for health. Choose the most hygienic and ecological solution.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about washing dishes, about accidents with broken plates / glasses, but also about the huge volume of garbage. Eco care natural items are fully biodegradable as they are made from natural materials and in 45-90 days they will have become compost in the composter or landfill provided the appropriate moisture conditions are met.

Party hard without balloons

Obviously, we are all used to seeing colorful balloons in celebrations that make up imaginative decorations and star in the posts of pleasant events on social media. But parties can have other decorations. Paper garlands and ribbons as well as simple constructions of your own inspiration can be worthy substitutes for balloons. As much as their image pleases us, they are made of non-recyclable plastic, while if they have sun and leave our hands they don’t end up forever in the sky, but fall and pollute the oceans.

Ecological party supplies

Eco care comes to make your life a lot easier, by offering you biodegradable, ecological products, which do not need recycling or wasting time and energy for washing them, since they decompose within a reasonable period of time. You just throw them in the bin. Easy enough? Now all you have to do is really enjoy your eco party.

Ecological party – with Eco care products

Why choose Eco care ecological items for parties?

Eco care ecological catering items are the ideal solution for children’s parties in an open or closed space!

They are durable and inflexible. They withstand low and high temperatures and are therefore suitable for use in freezers and ovens.

Eco party with sugarcane products

• Made from 100% sugarcane fibers = No ecological impact.
• Resistant to microwaves (900 watts) – Up to 3′.
• They are resistant to hot food/liquid.
• They are impermeable to cooking oil.
• Can withstand water temperature of -100℃.

Find everything you need to be fully prepared so that your eco party is a complete success. Glasses, plates, cutlery, bowls, straws, etc., in various sizes with one click here, can be yours, to fully cover the catering needs of your eco-party, with natural, high-quality disposable catering items.

•❯ Make a difference too!

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