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ecological serving items

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Bring biodegradable eco-friendly tableware into your life

Ecological serving items that do not pollute the environment

How do eco-friendly serving items differ from common disposable items?

Consumables made from sugarcane or other renewable raw materials, recycled materials and from plant materials produced in forests with certified responsible management, after serving their purpose, will not turn into toxic waste that will pollute nature. They will not contribute to global warming.

On the contrary, most ecological consumables are either biodegradable, or compostable in our home garden or we can throw them in the special brown organic waste recycling bins that we find in various cities of the country.

Why should you prefer Eco care ecological serving items?

Because by using these ecological items you are positively enhancing the protection of the environment, not its further pollution.

Consider drinking your daily take out coffee in a heat-resistant cane glass with a lid that once you empty it you can either add it to the compost bin, or leave it in the soil of your yard to biodegrade naturally.

Ecological serving items Eco care

How about offering sweets to the people you love served on biodegradable sugar cane plates and spoons, forks, knives made from renewable materials?!

After use, they can either end up in a composting plant or even if they end up in a landfill, they decompose faster and leave no toxic residue behind.

To know

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