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100% Biodegradable disposable cane products

We change habits, buying ecocare products from AB Vassilopoulos stores. Food packaging, dishes, boxes, glasses and much more! We can carry almost anywhere.

Ecocare is by your side

The old type of polluting plastics have reached their end, by law. How prepared were you for this change?

Turning to biodegradable products is the only way!

Eco care offers solutions from ecological consumables. Choose biodegradable cane products that respect the environment and the basic principles of sustainable development.

Eco care, has a wide range of products from ecological disposable packaging, made from sugar cane and offers you plastic free environmentally friendly solutions. Ecological composting packaging is not only safe for the environment but also for the health of us all.

Our Products

Choose 100% biodegradable products, following the global trend and gain ecological awareness. Embrace the “green policy” by choosing Eco care products from sugar cane.

All our ecological products are certified and completely environmentally friendly, which decompose without leaving a trace of environmental pollution.


100% Biodegradable


100% Biodegradable


100% Biodegradable

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