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eco gifts

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How to make Christmas more eco

Eco gifts

Let’s give another dimension to the Christmas celebration at school and at home with ecological gifts.

Christmas = gifts

We resist today’s consumer frenzy with eco-friendly gifts. The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we’re helping you transform it into a more eco-friendly holiday without losing any of its magic.

Christmas fills us with joy and brings us closer to our loved ones, it’s a fact. But wouldn’t it be even more beautiful if we spent it in a way that shows that we love and respect the environment as well?

Eco ornaments – eco gifts

Ecological actions – 5 Tips & tricks

❯ Turn off the lights. Create a romantic, nostalgic atmosphere with candles. Caution! Paraffin candles are made from petroleum and are not good for your health, and therefore for the environment. Choose candles made from soy or beeswax are more environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable – perfect idea for eco gifts too.

❯ Use towels on the table. Do not use napkins or kitchen paper on the table, but cloth towels that you can wash and reuse.

❯ Give away leftovers. Portion them and give them to your guests on their way out.

❯ Ornaments can come directly from nature. Decorate your tree with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, etc. You can also use edible decorations such as lollipops.

❯ Shop local stores. By buying products from neighborhood shops you will support local shopkeepers and their families, thus helping the development of the local market.

Shopping list- Think eco

So, before you complete your shopping list, it would be good to consider the impact these purchases have on the environment. Don’t forget to add to your list biodegradable Eco care products (plates, cups, containers, straws, knives, spoons & forks) that will loosen your hands.

*Find our products in well-known supermarket chains or in selected stores.

Ideas for eco gifts

There’s no denying the fact that gifts are a great act of love during the holidays.

A theater or concert ticket (online). A voucher for attending courses or seminars. Even a trip is among the “intangible” gifts with a smaller ecological footprint. In the sustainable, alternative solutions you have, also consider ethical / sustainable shops.

•❥ “We don’t have to continue with traditions that leave us broke and the planet broken!”

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