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eco wedding

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Eco friendly wedding – The new trend

Eco wedding

One trend of the time that is here to stay is the “ecological wedding” ⇢ eco wedding or otherwise sustainable wedding.

Today, more than ever, ecological consciousness is both a need and a trend. Therefore, you should at least know how to make your wedding a little more “green”.

All you need is love and eco wedding

Do you want a deeply “green” and guilt-free wedding? A wedding with an eco-friendly character? The following tips promise to make the process of preparing for the most important day of your life seem more like a challenge and fun than a chore.

Go green all the way – To do list:

❱ Send emails with a responsive alternative, saving the envelope storm!
❱ Get affordable disposable tableware – biodegradable. Win in functionality and aesthetics (they are white like the wedding as a whole). Use cane plates and cups.
❱ Use recycled gold for your wedding rings.
❱ Shop for wedding heels and raw eco jewelry that you’ll wear again.
❱ Make bouquets of flowers that thrive in seedbeds in your area.
❱ Decorate the space with potted plants, which will then be used by the guests.
❱ Make the favors yourself. For example, make sachets with lavender and other dried musk flowers.
❱ Use cloth towels on the tables. Avoid anything papery and printed (or print on recycled paper).
❱ Use the tablecloths of the place that hosts you.
❱ Limit your guest list. More guests = more ecological cost.
❱ Give your guests fabric bags with a commemorative inscription of the wedding.
❱ Use a food supplier that will use leftover food for a good cause.
❱ Make sure the organizing company is famous for its ecological philosophy.
❱ Alternatively, instead of rice, throw dried rose petals at the newlyweds.
❱ Organize a “green getaway” to ecological destinations for your honeymoon.

Eco wedding with disposable products from sugar cane

Prefer an eco wedding

With so many means available, veganism at its zenith and given the tendency of millennials for substantial changes, we cannot overlook the expenses that are made in every wedding and that cost more environmentally than financially. Say yes to an eco wedding!

You’re getting married and you don’t want to spend a fortune. An eco-friendly wedding is just right for you. Introduce your guests to the magic of ecology. Show them the way to “green” redemption, giving them reasons to follow your example for life.

With your eco wedding, proclaim the need to protect the environment and adopt good habits for life.

•❥ “Sometimes less is more! Do good – Do eco.

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