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Name day with ecological sign

Happy name day

August 15 is approaching… Celebrate your name day with an eco-sign, without guilt towards the environment.

Ideas for a zero waste party

Everyone celebrates their birthday, but how many celebrate their holiday? Many people don’t think it’s important, but it is. Your name is what makes you stand out. It is your identity for that and should be celebrated accordingly.

Less is more

A party can be good, without being ‘overloaded’ with decorations, lots of food and games. Everything in moderation and eco-friendly.

Celebrate your name ecologically

Ecological decoration

When it comes to decoration, avoid all balloons and plastics that are more than sure to end up in the bin at the end of the celebration. Prefer more flowers. Put LED lights, which you can also use in other situations. Make decoration compositions with recyclable items and include your children in the “game”. With imagination you can do wonders.

Eco-sign food options

“As for food, what options do I have?” Here things are simpler and clearer. Prefer foods with locally produced ingredients, fresh seasonal items, organic products as much as possible, meat as little as possible. These are the options for a party with a small ecological footprint.

In the event that there are significant amounts of food left over and you don’t want or can’t consume them in the next few days, call BORUME, the organization that networks people who have food with agencies and institutions that request food. They will let you know where the leftover food can go so that it can be used to feed people in real need.

Disposable plates – cups

Eco care disposable sugarcane biodegradable items are the ideal solution for your celebration party.

Name day party – plastic free

In general, plates and glasses cannot be missing from a party. But what is so special about Eco care biodegradable plates and cups made of sugarcane? Hmm let’s see… They have a beautiful design, they are extra durable and at the same time, they help you clean up after they untie your hands and you don’t have to wash anything!

Stay happy

Whatever you decide to do for your name day, don’t forget to always be in your best mood. After all, it’s your day and you should do what makes you happy.

Happy nameday to you!

•❥ “Party hard – Think eco!”

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