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compostable products

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Compostable products – what are they?

Compostable products are converted into organic matter, compost.

The word compost comes from the English word compost, which in turn comes from the Latin word compositus and the verb componere (com + ponere = together + place). At the end of the 14th century, the word composte appeared in the French language in the sense of a mixture of leaves, manure and other materials for fertilizing the earth. The word compost, as we know it today as a concept, appears in 1580 in England.

Compost – the natural fertilizer

Compost is natural fertilizer produced from the decomposition of organic materials, such as leaves, branches, food scraps (fruits, vegetables, etc.). Since it has good quality characteristics it can be used for any kind of cultivation.

The process of making compost from organic waste has been translated into Greek as composting and its products as compostable products.

Compost – The precious natural fertilizer

Composting – Biodegradation

Composting is essentially enhanced biodegradation, done under controlled conditions. Bacteria, fungi and other microbes are the workers of composting. They are also assisted by other larger organizations. During composting these microbes produce C02, heat and water as they break down the organic materials.

The final material that results is fertilizer (the compost) contains valuable nutrients while simultaneously acting as a soil conditioner. This is the significant difference between composting and biodegradation, that composting creates compost (fertilizer), while biodegradation simply decomposes the product into C02, water and biomass.

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Eco care compostable products

Eco care products are compostable based on European Standard EN 13432. They are absolutely friendly to the environment and support a wide range of daily needs. They respect both nature and man.

Their correct use and disposal in conditions foreseen by their design allows the completion of their life cycle without negative consequences for the environment.

•❥ “Compost what you can. Go green – Keep our earth clean!

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